Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ranger Summit South

The MTB trail fairies have finished building Ranger Summit South (Sugar Mama down to Fullerton).
Here's some pictures of the trail and views:

Bobcat is only about 20m long (to a viewpoint - second picture) and Fullerton is no bikes so its just an out+back add-on to something like the Witch loop (for now). Please be extra courteous to hikers on this trail - until Bobcat is built the official maps are confusing on bike access.


  1. Hey, I rode that berm today - awesome build!

  2. Thanks. Its pretty loose but a lot of fun and easier climb than most 180degree switchbacks. Really needs some rain then traffic to help pack it in.

  3. Been riding the new trails a lot of late with the great conditions (and also in case the logging goes ahead :-( ). I think its a wonderful trail system - thanks to all - I'll be sending a donation. I think my favourite loop is Long Distance - Reconnect - Braggin Rights (ccw). Great Job!

    1. Glad you like the trails and thank you for the donation. Yep, thats a great loop in either direction - try it at night with a headlamp and try and get Lokos to put McNalleys back on tap (a full-hearted beer required after night rides!!)